Become a Vancouver Specialist

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Today, specialization is the key to success for many travel professionals in frontline sales. To help you excel and effectively sell one of the world's most spectacular destinations, Tourism Vancouver has designed the Vancouver Specialist Program, an interactive online training program that will provide you with the knowledge to increase your sales and deliver tailored itineraries for your clients.

The Vancouver Specialist Program is an educational tool designed to expand your knowledge of Vancouver and help you sell the destination more effectively. This program was designed to be intuitive, interactive and engaging. We believe learning should be interesting, fulfilling and fun – just like a visit to Vancouver.

Achieving a Vancouver Specialist designation means you will have even more confidence to promote and sell Vancouver. More importantly, your clients will really appreciate that the knowledge you have of the city will allow you to create a better travel experience for them.

As a frontline sales agent, when you earn accreditation as a Vancouver Specialist you will receive a Vancouver Specialist certificate in recognition of your qualification, as well as access to special benefits and sales resources to further enhance your ability to sell the destination to your clients.

Getting started on the path to becoming a Vancouver Specialist is easy - just click the link below to register for the program now.

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