Vancouver is the choice for those looking for the adventure of a lifetime! We have it all - heart pounding thrills, spectacular photo-opportunities at every turn, fun and memories for adults and families alike - there are just so many options:

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Bungee Jumping

Looking for the absolute thrill of a lifetime? Or trying to test your fear of heights? Try Bungee Jumping! Leap from a bridge and plummet towards the earth before being caught by the bungee cord you are tethered to. Glide up and down several times before finally being lowered to the solid ground. A crazy, thrill ride - not for the faint of heart, but for those looking for one unique adventure never to be forgotten!

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Eco or Wilderness Tours

Vancouver's stunning beauty of mountains, forests, beaches and surrounding waters lends itself to a wide variety of tour opportunities for those wanting to get up close and personal with nature. Eco or Wilderness tours range from treks through rain forests, camping and hiking in the mountains, or wildlife excursions on or off land viewing whales, dolphins, eagles, bears, moose and so much more!

The Greater Vancouver area has limitless options for adults and families wanting to learn more about beautiful British Columbia's fauna and flora. Tours are available, often year round, for day trips, overnighters or extended camping trips.

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Rock Climbing

The surrounding mountains of the Vancouver area seem to call out to rock climbers. The local mountains offer unlimited opportunities for climbers of all levels, while just outside the city, even greater challenges can be found. In Squamish, the Chief is an experienced rock climber's dream with boundless routes to scale this massive, and quite beautiful granite face. For those less experienced, group and private lessons, indoor climbing walls and guided climbing tours are available with multiple companies.

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Whale Watching

Located on the Pacific Coast, the Vancouver area is lucky enough to be the watery home for many local Orca whales (also known as Killer whales), as well as being on the migratory route for a variety of other whales, such as the majestic grey and impressive humpback. Whale watching occurs throughout the year, generally running half days (3-5 hours) with the opportunity to view whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals and eagles as boats tour the coast of Vancouver.

Viewing a whale in the wild is a truly awe-inspiring experience - one not to be forgotten, and always with great photo opportunities. Tour boats can range from high speed zodiacs, fully equipped cruisers, to larger-scale cruise ships. Most tours offer such knowledgeable guides that you can expect a highly informative narrative - some even have onboard naturalists!

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