Water Sports in Vancouver

Below are a collection of themed itineraries developed by our team and available for your planning purposes. These itineraries are also available as a stand-alone print piece - please contact us for more information.

  • Adrenaline Adventures
    Vancouver is an outdoor enthusiast’s mecca! With its mild climate and proximity to the Coast Mountains and Pacific Ocean, Vancouver provides plenty of opportunities for adrenaline junkies to push their physical and mental boundaries year-round...[more]
  • Adventures in Nature
    As a ‘City of Nature’, a big part of Vancouver’s allure is owed to its proximity to the Coast Mountains and Pacific Ocean and all of the associated activities that come with them...[more]
  • Gardens Galore
    Vancouver is a very green city with temperate rainforest accessible right in the heart of the city and numerous parks and gardens incorporated throughout the greater Vancouver area...[more]
  • West Coast Culinary Experience
    This itinerary allows visitors to explore the city with their taste buds, visiting markets and culinary neighbourhoods, learning cooking techniques …[more]
  • Historical Happenings
    Although Vancouver could be considered ‘young’ by some, the city has a strong multi-cultural, industrial and maritime history waiting to be explored...[more]
  • Best of Summer
    With this itinerary, visitors will experience the best of the destination over a short period of time, enjoying key neighbourhoods, festivals and events ...[more]
  • Splash and Family Fun
    This tour itinerary provides an introduction to Vancouver’s top attractions for kids and families. The first day will take them on a sightseeing loop, taking in the top spots in the areas …[more]
  • Vancouver Laugh & Learn
    Whether it’s a walk amongst the trees, a Birds of Prey demonstration atop Grouse Mountain, or a marine adventure on the waters of the Howe Sound, visitors can experience the energy of the outdoors while learning about the abundance of flora, fauna and marine life surrounding them...[more]
  • First Nations Culture
    This tour will foster an appreciation for the city’s rich First Nations history and culture. Visitors will discover unique sites and attractions …[more].
  • Best of Winter
    Vancouver offers an array of winter activities and attractions to keep visitors of all ages as busy as they choose to be. With a relatively mild climate, visitors will be surprised by the contrast of experiences available during this season …[more]
  • Christmas Sparkles
    Vancouver’s mild weather makes celebrating the holidays a little different – visitors can discover the unique nature of a West Coast Christmas where the sparkling mosaic of light and colour stretches ...[more]