5 Ways to Green Your Meeting

00_Group Bicycle
  1. Request recycled paper and soy-based ink for all printed materials. Take paper out of the picture whenever possible: use online registration, e-mail agendas and meeting notes and offer program guides in electronic flash-drive format.
  2. Ensure your venue provides colour-coded recycling bins for paper, metals, plastics and glass. Position bins in visible locations where attendees will be more likely to notice and take advantage of them.
  3. Employ vendors who have donation programs in place for leftover food, decorations and merchandise samples. Ask that food is packaged in biodegradable containers and never settle for Styrofoam.
  4. Minimize emissions and fuel consumption by choosing service providers who are closest to the venue. Provide carpool or shuttling options for travelling attendees. Choose hotels and restaurants that are within walking distance of each other.
  5. Replace bottled water with pitchers and cups made out of cornstarch. Provide numerous water stations so attendees aren't tempted to bring in their own bottled beverages.