5 Ways to Dine Green in Vancouver

  1. Look for restaurants that offer Ocean Wise options. Ocean Wise is a program run by the nonprofit Vancouver Aquarium to educate consumers and help restaurants and markets ensure their seafood is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Visit their site for information and a list of Ocean Wise restaurants.
  2. Book dining events with Green Table Network participants. The nonprofit advises partner restaurants and caterers about going green in areas such as water conservation, pollution prevention, energy conservation and purchasing.
  3. When planning menus, work with vendors to go local and take advantage of Vancouver's excellent growing climate and access to fresh seafood and nearby farms. Visit getlocalbc.org to learn what's in season and where to find it.
  4. Ask about your venue's composting and recycling programs. You'll find many of our restaurants are dedicated to environmentally responsible practices.
  5. Vancouver's restaurants and caterers are very accommodating, so be sure to ask about things such as using cloth napkins instead of paper and serving water in pitchers instead of bottles - measures that can help save both money and the environment.