Cultural Attractions - First Nations


Vancouver is rich with Native heritage and there are many opportunities to learn about this unique and inspiring culture. Listed below are just a few outstanding First Nations' activities, tours and culinary options:


Sweat Lodge
Burrard Indian Band, North Vancouver

Join members of the Burrard Indian Band in a traditional sweat lodge ceremony. A truly extraordinary, memorable and nourishing experience for your body, mind and soul!

Heritage Tour
Hiwus Feasthouse atop Grouse Mountain
6400 Nancy Green Way, North Vancouver

Grouse Mountain, The Peak of Vancouver and Richard Krentz, Master Carver and native entrepreneur, have combined their efforts to provide an authentic First Nations experience that exhibits culture, tradition and creativity through the hiwus Feasthouse atop Grouse Mountain. Guests of the hiwus Feasthouse will begin their evening with a ride on Grouse Mountain's Skyride, North America's largest aerial tramway, rising to a mountaintop elevation of 3,700 feet. Immersed in the culture of the Pacific coast's native people, learn the meaning of ancient carvings and totems, and experience the magic of timeless native dances, songs and legends while enjoying traditional native cuisine in the beautiful cedar longhouse.

West Coast City and Nature Sightseeing
3955 Myrtle Street, Burnaby

Join West Coast City and Nature Sightseeing's First Nations tour, where you will gain an understanding of the symbolism of totems, visit a replica of a Haida village and learn about the native culture through a guided walking tour of the UBC Museum of Anthropology. With its famous collection of Northwest artifacts, you'll explore the evolution of this amazing culture through its buildings, carvings, sculptures, utensils and religious and burial objects.

Native Food Catering - Major the Gourmet
102 - 8828 Heather Street

Major the Gourmet has a First Nations catering division to help make that special occasion extraordinary!

Native Art/Museum - Listel Vancouver
1300 Robson Street

Listel Vancouver is a truly art-ful hotel to see! Its Gallery and Museum floors showcase works by regional, international and First Nations artists. Features of the hotel include handmade furniture, innovative décor and highlights of the best of Northwest Coast Art. The Listel pays tribute to all things original and British Columbian from the colours of the forest floor, the native-carved cedar headboards and armoires to the hand-forged ironworks created in BC's Kootenay region. The Museum Floor provides a distinctly modern backdrop for distinctive works by renowned First Nation's artists, much of which is provided by the University of BC's prestigious Museum of Anthropology.

Museum of Anthropology
University of British Columbia
Located at 6393 NW Marine Dr.

The Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia is world-renowned for its collections, research and programs that focus on the culture and achievements of First Nation peoples and BC communities. The Museum itself is also celebrated for its stunning architecture and views of Vancouver.

This beautiful and educational museum offers more than 13,000 international cultural objects, along with two Haida Houses and ten full-scale totem poles. It provides excellent opportunities for learning, photography and fun!

Native Canoe - Takaya Tours
3093 Ghum-Lye Drive, North Vancouver

Join Takaya Tours and discover Coast Salish Culture. Take a two-hour interpretive paddle trip from scenic Deep Cove on Vancouver's North Shore, led by a First Nations guide. Dedicated to sharing the rich traditions of the Coast Salish culture, Takaya Tours has three 45ft long traditional, cedar, ocean-going canoes. Learn the history of Burrard Inlet and the Tsleil-Waututh First Nations people while listening to traditional songs and legends of the Coast Salish people. There are seven different packages to choose from as well as customized tours.

Executives Without Ties
The Squamish First Nation
Squamish Administrative Office
320 Seymour Boulevard, North Vancouver, BC

Nestled by Lions Gate Bridge and along the North Shore of the Pacific is the Capilano Reserve of the Squamish First Nation, a fascinating microcosm of Native Indian culture and development.

The Squamish are the landlords of the greater part of Park Royal, the renowned shopping mall which took shape on reserve land leased from the Squamish.

During the salmon migrations up the Capilano, traditional dip net and spear fishing can be seen. There are also many options for buying beautiful Native Art throughout the area.