CSR Opportunities

Looking for an activity that will benefit your delegates, the community and the environment?

To help you find volunteering opportunities meaningful to your group, Tourism Vancouver’s team has compiled a list of options representing a wide-range of interests and causes to help you fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility requirements. This is just a sample of the activities that are available, and we encourage you to contact our Convention Services team if you wish to explore other opportunities.

Mud Pie Kitchens for Kids

In this highly engaging group activity teams will build outdoor play kitchens made of all natural materials for daycares in Vancouver where kids need the most support. Participants will use pre-cut cedar, paint, and kitchen supplies while they work together to create their own ‘Mud Pie Kitchens’. Recent studies prove the huge benefits to childhood development when kids play freely in an outdoor setting using natural materials while engaging in tactile and imaginative play. These mud pie kitchens are exactly what kids need and daycares wish they had. Watch this video for more info and to see the hear warming reactions from the kids.

The activity works for groups of any size and ranges from 1 - 2.5 hours and can take place in any hotel ballroom, large venue, or large green space available for private rentals. Mud Pie Kitchens are then transported to various daycares later in the day.

Group Volunteer Contact: Engagement Unlimited
Phone: 604.649.4867

Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Only 15 minutes from downtown, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank welcomes visiting groups of 10 to 50 volunteers to their distribution depot to help sort the thousands of pounds of food that they receive. Offering 3 or 4 hours shifts, they provide groups with instruction and an outline of how their operation manages to feed over 25,000 people each week.

Group Volunteer Contact: Dorothy Trommel
Phone: 604.216.2319

The Sharing Farm

The Sharing Farm grows food for The Richmond Food Bank and several community meal programs, and offers an economical way to build team spirit while giving back to the community. Welcoming groups of 10 to 80 people, the farm is open from March to November, and activities can include planting or harvesting vegetables, compost building, weeding, and construction projects.

Group Volunteer Contact: Emma Point
Phone: 604.862.5182

Stanley Park Ecology Society

The Stanley Park Eco-Stewards Program works hard to restore degraded habitats by removing invasive species, planting native species, decommissioning unsanctioned trails, and adding course woody debris and other enhancements in downtown Vancouver’s Stanley Park.

Group Volunteer Contact: Alicia Fontaine
Phone: 604.681.7099

Salvation Army Belkin House

The Salvation Army Belkin House is a state-of-the-art, multi-program facility located right in downtown Vancouver, accommodating up to 224 residents, while providing an average of 8,000 nutritious and balanced, low-cost meals each month. They offer volunteer opportunities and can accommodate groups of up to 12, with three different 4-hour shifts to choose from.

Group Volunteer Contact
Phone: 604.681.3405

Give a Bike to a Needy Child

For an easy and effective team-building activities that gives back to the community, your group can purchase a bike or a baby carriage kit, create a competition among delegates to put it together, before gifting it to a needy child or family. Tourism Vancouver’s Convention Services team would be happy to help you find an appropriate recipient for your group’s gift.

Create a Customized Corporate Social Responsibility Event

Vancouver has a number of outstanding corporate team-building companies that can work with you to create a unique and meaningful social responsibility program for your meeting. A unique program can be designed – for instance, a Vancouver Scavenger Hunt or “Amazing Race” type of event, with registration fees donated to an appropriate Vancouver charity or food bank. Alternatively, consider what expertise your delegates bring to the table that can leave a positive legacy here in Vancouver, such as providing dental work, cosmetic surgery for a child in need, donating a wheelchair or piece of medical equipment. Additionally, consider organizing a drive among your delegates to donate used cell phones, or clothing to women in need.

Pick a Charity or Cause, Volunteer and Give as an Association or Group

Tourism Vancouver’s Convention Services team can help you find the perfect opportunity to volunteer and give back. And once you’ve volunteered, please share your giving story with Tourism Vancouver. We want to tell everyone about your good deeds! If you need assistance finding an opportunity to volunteer, email meet@tourismvancouver.com and we’d be happy to help you find the right fit.

Listing of these charities does not constitute endorsement by Tourism Vancouver. Information is provided as a service to meeting professionals who have selected Vancouver as the Host City for their conferences and conventions.