Foodie Vancouver Quotes

“I was fascinated by the local ingredients and the customers. Everyone is a foodie here. I love it.” – Jean Georges Vongerichten

“It’s a mix of really strong Asian and Pacific Rim influence, but there’s also that whole Northwest product-driven mentality that they have in Portland, Seattle and San Francisco. The kind of mentality among cooks and diners that you get when you have a lot of good stuff, good ingredients around you. You have a high density of really good cooks and chefs and high density of really good products to work with.” – Anthony Bourdain

“If I had a choice of where to eat Chinese food tonight, it would be Vancouver – best value and best chefs, rivalling the quality in Hong Kong.” – Martin Yan, San Francisco

"...the city is so obsessed with haute cuisine... diners here spend more money eating out than any other city in Canada... and follow every move of local celebrity chefs with the relish of British soccer fans." – Alexandra Gill, The Globe & Mail

"British Columbia produces excellent wines but exports very little to the U.S. - a fabulous excuse for a pilgrimage to Vancouver." – Rhonda May, Food & Wine

"This is Vancouver, where the culinary bar is raised higher and the restaurants are more trendsetting than anywhere in the United States." – Tan Vinh, Seattle Times

"The number of truly outstanding restaurants in Vancouver is astonishing, and the prices are ridiculously low when compared to other food capitals..." – New York

“Vancouver cuisine is diverse and evolving. Restaurants serving Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese food thrive, of course, but so do those featuring regional fish cookery, Indian food by way of the Pacific Northwest, and French-inspired New Canadian dishes.” – Bon Appetit

“For serious China aficionados, it is possible to dine on first-rate dim sum in different eateries every day for a week, spend entire afternoons in Asian shopping malls or tea salons, and end the night at the movies or a karaoke bar, without hearing anything but Cantonese or Mandarin.” – Washington Post

"Fusion is the operative word in restaurant-rich Vancouver, where Northwest meets Japanese meets Indian meets Chinese." – National Geographic Traveler

“From grazing among food stalls in Granville Island’s Public Market to sampling dim sum in Chinatown, Vancouver is a foodie’s fantasyland.” – USA Today

“This great restaurant city is the heartland of every admirable (and sometimes infuriating) food cause you’ve ever encountered – local, sustainable, organic, and eco-gastronomical among them.” – Bon Appetit