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Vancouver’s kaleidoscopic cultural scene reflects the West Coast’s diversity and cosmopolitan spirit. Whether in visual, performing, literary or media arts, this positive influence fuels events throughout Metro Vancouver. The region is home to Chinese and Japanese gardens, festivals celebrating cultures from Portugal to the Caribbean and regular events showcasing dance, film, theatre, music, cuisine and the First Nations. For the latest on what’s happening in Vancouver, contact Tickets Tonight ( or visit their booth at Tourism Vancouver’s downtown Visitor Centre.


Story Idea

Vancouver’s event roster has exploded in recent years. Consider a story on the city’s festival renaissance, profiling some of Vancouver’s biggest summer events from the list below. These could include the Celebration of Light fireworks com-petition, Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival and the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.

Alternatively, highlight some of Vancouver’s many community festivals to illus-trate the city’s rich diversity. Consider the Vaisakhi Day Parade, Portuguese Heritage Month, Taiwanese Cultural Festival and Powell Street Festival.