Vancouver Foodie Tours

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  • Vancouver, BC V6B 2Z4
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Vancouver Foodie Tours offers food tasting and cultural walking tours, introducing locals and visitors to one-of-a-kind dishes that define Vancouver's culinary scene. Guests indulge in a feast for their eyes, belly and mind, tasting signature dishes at award-winning Vancouver gourmet restaurants, food shops and food trucks. Participants learn about the origin of ingredients, how dishes are prepared, as well as the history, culture and architecture of Vancouver. This is the best way to see and taste Vancouver!

We offer three delectable Foodie Tours: Granville Island Market Tour, World's Best Food Truck Tour, and Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour.

Granville Island Market Tour
Noisy and chaotic, yet irresistibly atmospheric, Granville Island is Canada's second most visited destination, behind Niagara Falls, and Vancouver's destination for lovers of food, art and culture. Offering fresh, local, seasonal produce, alongside a slice of local life, this is where guests rub elbows with local chefs shopping for the day's menu. During the tour, guests will savour a cornucopia of fine foods from independent farmers and food artisans throughout Vancouver and beyond, from smoked salmon and cheeses to locally made charcuterie, melt-in-your-mouth donuts and chocolates. Visiting the Granville Island Public Market will be one of the most authentic way to experience Vancouver — after all, what better way to feel the pulse of a city than to see its merchants in action! Click to read more

World's Best Food Truck Tour
Some of the world’s most exciting food comes from passionate people who sell their fare from food trucks and carts—allowing them to connect with their customers on a direct level. This tour celebrates Vancouver’s ever-growing food truck landscape —Travel + Escape named it the third best street food city in North America—by taking foodies on a global adventure to some of the hottest curbside kitchens in the city. Guests taste signature dishes (from decadent delights to healthy options and globally-inspired fare), meet talented ‘cartrepreneurs’, watch food being prepared before their eyes and learn where the ingredients originated. Click to read more

Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour
The Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour showcases over four of downtown Vancouver’s award-winning restaurants and food shops on a three-hour food tasting and educational walking tour. Guests sample gourmet food paired with optional wines and beer, meet award-winning food artisans and learn about Vancouver’s food trends, culture and architecture. This is the ticket to Vancouver’s most exciting food destinations. Click to read more