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WildPlay Element Parks - Maple Ridge

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At WildPlay Maple Ridge, guests (ages 7 years & older) find a wide range of thrilling activities for an entertaining two hour to half-day adventure at almost any time of year. The ever-popular Monkido® tree courses provide four levels of climbing, scrambling, balancing and zip-line elements, suspended up to 15 metres (50 feet) above ground - including the incredible Tarzan Swing! All levels of skill (and bravery) can play.

NEW FOR 2014 - What's To Fear Jump (WTF Jump)
Boldly go where only birds (and bungy jumpers) have gone before.
We invite you to take a freakishly-fun plunge from the edge of a 12 metre tree-top perch. The tricky part is calming your nerves. The thrilling part is you can do it! Just say it silently or scream it loud... “what's to fear – jump”!
At the high tree-mounted platform, you'll meet your Element Guide and get clipped to the slack line for your big moment. Just one more step, hop, or tumble and you're enjoying a quick free-fall before landing (with a huge smile) on the forest floor. The WTF Jump is a thrilling way for guests ages seven and older to feel total, heart-thumping, self-confidence.
There's no quelling your fright, so just have faith.
Peer over the edge at WildPlay Maple Ridge and say What's To Fear – Jump!

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