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Vancouver Harbour and surrounding islands sustain a healthy 365 day fishery for salmon, bottom fish, prawns and crab. In fact it is probably the most underrated fishery along our coast. Healthy populations of bait fish in the Vancouver Harbour keep salmon around all year long and our close proximity to the Fraser River allow us to fish all year.

The Fraser River at our back door has an annual return of over 20 million salmon, during spring and early summer we get first crack at catching these salmon before they start their migration up river to spawn. Chinook salmon (Kings) up to 50lbs, Coho (Silver) up to 20lbs and endless numbers of Pink and Sockeye salmon.

If you prefer fishing Freshwater for Salmon, you have come to the right place. Our freshwater division boasts one of the largest fleet of guides on the Fraser River. Our guides are the most experienced on the water and offer high catch rates of up to 95% on calm waters of the Fraser River. Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River is a World Class Fishery, we fish year round for sturgeon between 20 to 500lbs. Come join us and see why STS is #1 in the Vancouver /Fraser Valley Region.

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