Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar

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Rogue Is…

Rogue is funk…
Rogue is crazy tall light fixtures, walls that glow, sandblasted brick and planked floors.
Rogue is hip.
Rogue is expensive? NOT…
Rogue is 20 taps and frosted mugs.
Rogue is Quaffers and Tikis.
Rogue is food that fills you up but isn’t full of itself.
Rogue is every day.

Silver-wedding anniversary to celebrate? Go somewhere else. Need a stiff drink and tasty meal to get you through your daily grind and have enough cash in your jeans to do it all again tomorrow?


  • Restaurant Group Capacity: Under 25,26 to 50,51 to 75
  • Restaurant Largest Private Space: Under 25,26 to 50,51 to 75
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