Raw Canvas

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Take a deep breath, sit down, make yourself at home. Choose from our dynamic selection of handcrafted tapas, earth-friendly wines and world-class craft brews.

If the mood strikes, grab a smock and make your way into the painting pit. Buy a blank canvas and we will provide the paint, brushes and everything you’ll need to free your inner artist. Our crew will provide encouragement, insight and inspiration to aid you throughout your creative journey.

At Raw Canvas we know that everyone is an artist, whether they believe it or not. This is your time to forget about plans and worries. This is your time to let go of your inhibitions and be free. Whether you're on a date, celebrating with friends, or getting to know your co-workers at one of our custom team-building events, your time at Raw Canvas is the perfect blend of artistic expression, self-exploration and social interaction.

  • Restaurant Seating Capacity: 50
  • Restaurant Group Capacity: 51 to 75
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