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International Buddhist Temple

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Discover the most exquisite example of traditional Chinese architecture in North America. Explore Chinese art, culture and the Buddhist philosophy inside the International Buddhist Temple.

Since its establishment in 1981, the temple has welcomed visitors from around the world. We invite you to enter its doors and learn about the Buddhist philosophy: through meditation, traditional ceremonies, charitable giving, and Chinese art of impeccable craftsmanship.

Experience the peace of the temple from the moment you arrive. Combining intricate stonework and symbolic carvings with the elements of nature, the tranquil grounds resemble a scholar's courtyard in ancient China. With its sea of golden porcelain roof tiles and spectacular upswept eaves, this temple is an edifice straight out of the Chinese past. Inside the artistic interior of the temple, admire the meticulous Chinese workmanship in sculpture, painting, calligraphy and carpentry. Listen closely and you may hear the harmonious chanting of the nuns in prayer.

Our Mission

The mission of the International Buddhist Society, which manages the temple, is to propagate Buddhism through its practice, and to educate all sentient beings on how to attain enlightenment and purification of the mind. In general, Buddhism upholds the virtues of benevolence, perseverance, self-discipline, and charity. By living and studying Buddhism, we learn to be virtuous citizens while striving to free ourselves from the sufferings of reincarnation.

The Society follows the Buddha's teachings of philanthropy and selfless compassion by doing charitable work both locally and abroad. We also wish to enlighten all visitors to the temple, and enrich their lives with the philosophies of Buddhism through Chinese architecture, horticulture, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, and traditional ceremonies and rituals. Our temple provides a gathering place for people to experience Chinese heritage and Buddhist philosophy together, whether they come from Canada or across the world.

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