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Vancouver TheatreSports League presents Improv Test Kitchen


The Improv Test Kitchen is an exciting platform for new and innovative improvisational comedy. Over the course of the show, you will witness the latest show concepts in the improv-comedy world - if you think you've seen it all, this is the show for you!
This show features the newest, hottest improv shows, presented by a rotating cast of mainstage company members. Improvisers bring show concepts they have developed to The Improv Centre stage, presenting them to you, an audience of mouth watering, improv enthusiasts.

January 2013
First Line Last Line

Ever get caught in two conversations at the same time, multitasking, and get facts from one tale mixed up with details of the other story? Watch as our improvisers attempt to blend dialogue from scene to scene in a mind-blowing spectacle! The end line from one scene become the words and origin of the scene that follows, but taking off in a completely different and surprising direction!

• Wed, Jan 2nd, 7:30pm
• Wed, Jan 9th, 7:30pm
• Wed, Jan 16th, 7:30pm
• Wed, Jan 23rd, 7:30pm
• Wed, Jan 30th, 7:30pm

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