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2013 Chutzpah! Festival presents War, Love, and Loss


War, Love and Loss - World Premiere

War, Love and Loss is a concert of new works presented by the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra with the Pacific Baroque Orchestra.

The journey in time moves from ancient texts and narratives to modern work that highlights contemporary composers writing new intercultural works for period instruments.

From Dutch-composer Christina Oorebeek's settings of the ancient Chinese book '36 Strategies' (militaristic tactics); to Canadian-composer Mark Armanini's music based on Chinese poetry from the Tang dynasty; to Canadian-composers Farshi Damandari and Moshe Denburg's take on Farsi poetry, traditional Ladino and Hebrew songs about love and loss, the concert sheds light on the musical traditions of Canada's many cultures.

Tenor and mezzo-soprano voices are accompanied by a 15-member ensemble of European baroque period instruments and traditional Asian instruments, including violins, violas and cello, viola da gamba, recorder, erhu (Chinese bowed string), kamanche (Persian bowed string), barbat (Persian lute), dizi (Chinese bamboo flute), zheng (Chinese long zither) and percussion.

Time: 7:30 pm

Adults $30.24 + $4.25 s/c
Seniors $25.76 + $3.75 s/c
Students $20.16 + $3.75 s/c

Order by phone: 604.684.2787
Additional $5.00 on phone orders

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