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Early Music Vancouver presents Perchance to Dreame - The Golden Age of English Music


Perchance to Dreame

The Golden Age of English Music

The brothers Lawes and their colleague, Christopher Simpson, were on the cutting edge of England's musical life in the first half of the 17th century! Virtuoso viols and voice were their medium. The Lawes' brothers brilliantly set John Milton and Robert Herrick's poems to music while Christopher Simpson and William Lawes perfected the art of virtuoso viol playing.

Paradise was lost when Charles I was executed in 1649, leaving a drab stage to the Puritans and a musical moratorium. After a decade, the Merry Monarch, Charles II, returned from Europe bringing a new musical dream to the Fairest Isle. The stage was set for Henry Purcell and a new golden age of English music.

Charles Daniels tenor
Les Voix Humaines:
Susie Napper & Margaret Little violas da gamba
Sylvain Bergeron lute

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