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That which makes us Haida: the Haida language


This exhibition documents the last remaining fluent speakers of the Haida language and explores the three remaining dialects found in Alaska, Old Massett and Skidegate through portraits taken by Vancouver-based photographer Farah Nosh over the last eight years and interviews with the last fluent speakers in these communities.

These men and women (the youngest is now 65 years old) who grew up with active, fluent speakers in their homes, are dedicating their time to save this linguistic isolate from extinction by teaching in schools, creating a written orthography and orally documenting all the vocabulary they know. They speak of how the language has influenced their relationship to the land and the sea, and shaped their ability to feel and understand their relationship to the earth and all beings through respect for all things. A full-colour catalogue, with a foreward by renowned anthropologist Wade Davis, and a CD accompanies the exhibition (Haida Gwaii Museum Press).

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