Crowd Sourced: Ways to Enjoy Summer

Now that the weather is starting to turn, finally, we thought it be a great time to feature some awesome ideas for enjoying a warm spring or summer day. Since we were a little too busy soaking up the sun ourselves, we left it to Vancouver fans and followers to tell us their favorites using Facebook and Twitter. And it turns out that the folks who love Vancouver on these social media sites are full of fantastic ideas.


Stanley Park was top of mind for many people, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. The 1,000-acre green space is a true highlight of Vancouver, and getting lost inside its paths, attractions and natural spaces is a great way to enjoy the warm weather. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy it, according to the city’s many experts:

"Lighthouse Park walk! (Then) Seawall around Stanley Park, Aquarium…shall I keep going?" -Tyler Ingram
"Picnic in Stanley Park. Beautiful!" -Kirsten Hamelin
"Picnic, roller skate or walk the Seawall :)" -Daisy Hdez

Of course, Vancouverites love the beaches that surround the city. Whether it be Wreck Beach (warning, this is a clothing optional beach), Kitsilano or Spanish Banks, the locals had numerous ways to enjoy them. Grab a bicycle and head on out with these suggestions:

"WRECK BEACH! Wreck beach is the best place to spend a sunny day because there are no cars, no kids and no dogs and everything else you could possibly want!! :)" -Cori Busby
"Spanish Banks/Jericho Beach... Best place to spend the day (even with kids!) and then watch the sun set. Simply beautiful!" -Angie Parker
"Bike ride in Kitsilano around the cherry blossoms, or around Stanley Park with a stop at a beach side restaurant for a drink or a snack. Beautiful way to see the city and the people in it!" -Tricia Gould

With all the farms and gardens starting to bloom, Granville Island’s popular public market gets even better in the summer as the local produce and food stands have fantastic fresh options. Add that to the colourful music, street performers and the various other attractions, and the island is a fantastic summertime excursion.

"Granville market, the sounds the smells the people it's my happy place :)" -Joshua H.G Diotte

Let’s face it, one attraction isn’t always enough. With so many unique options to burn some time on a beautiful summer day, some of our fans decided to map out a quick itinerary suggestion:

"Grab some lunch (in Gastown), hop in the car and ramble out to Fort Langley...wander the historic fur with people in costume...then pick up a chic antique...head back to Vancouver and have a nice dinner at Granville Island and finish up with a walk on the Seawall..." -Nancy Duck Hildebrand
"Feeding the ducks in Vanier Park, gelato on Kits beach, sushi." -Craig Paterson
"A nice walk around the neighbourhood with a cup of tea and a delicious pastry from Commercial Drive early in the morn. My favrourite place for an enjoyable walk is Lakewood to Victoria from Broadway down to Venables west of main street from 24th south of Broadway from Clark and of course Point Grey Road with the billion dollar houses." -Cher Soo

Of course, what’s a stay in Vancouver without enjoying some of the fabulous adventurous offerings. Follow these locals into the great outdoors:

"Without a doubt going for a hike in Lynn Canyon. It's only 20 minutes from downtown, and you feel like you are hours outside the city surrounded by all the best that BC has to offer. Plus it's all off leash for me and my best friend!" -Dale Locher
"Lynn Canyon in North Van. Peaceful mountainous setting. River with the clearest running water. A creek to jump off from into deep water. A suspension bridge. Ample parking. Clean facilities. Family and dog friendly. Easy drive off #1 HWY. And, it's all FREE!!" -Kenneth Wong

Or follow a few others to attractions outside of Vancouver:

"A walk along New Westminter's Quay, so pretty." -Catherine Ganapathy
"Well, the Richmond Night Market opens tomorrow..." -Julie Ovenell-Carter

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