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With a culture as diverse as Vancouver’s, it’d be easy to suspect that those who know the city would all have a different perspective on how to best spend an hour downtown. Well, after asking for one-hour ideas in Vancouver on Twitter, it became obvious that there is a ton to do in just 60 minutes and more than a few people in Vancouver love Stanley Park, sushi and coffee.


Here are some of our favorite responses. See more by searching #onehourtips on Twitter.

Natalie @MyVancouver #onehourtips - walk along the seawall in Yaletown, check out the public art along the way!

Beyond 140 characters: Discover a guide to Vancouver’s public art here.

roseobregon @MyVancouver Husband says art gallery. RT @MyVancouver: You have one hour to fill and you're in downtown #Vancouver. What do you do... #onehourtips

Beyond 140 characters: Art gallery as in Vancouver Art Gallery.

LorienHenson @MyVancouver Grab a coffee/tea from a local shop and walk the seawall.

Beyond 140 characters: Here’s the scoop on the seawall.

pinkcb @MyVancouver 1 hour in downtown Van? Seawall or Granville would be first. Grab a coffee and sit at English Bay or power shop Granville.

Beyond 140 characters: Find a cup of Joe.

PAitken @MyVancouver I would go to Stanley Park #Vancouver

Beyond 140 characters: Everything you need to know about Stanley Park.

MikuRestaurant @MyVancouver - eat sushi, followed by a bike ride around Stanley Park :)

heybenson @MyVancouver all you can eat sushi! fill the hour and fill your tummy.

Beyond 140 characters: Search Vancouver’s Japanese restaurants.

hummingbird604 @MyVancouver I walk down to @VanGarden to walk through either the free or paid areas #Vancouver #onehourtips

Beyond 140 characters: @VanGarden is the Twitter handle for beautiful Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden.

BernicePaul @MyVancouver head over to the concourse at Waterfront Station and enjoy a picnic in the sun, overlooking our harbour.

Beyond 140 characters: Consider getting your picnic fixings at the amazing Granville Island Public Market.


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