Crowd Sourced: Most Haunted Places in Vancouver


We never like to tell visitors just how scary a place Vancouver can be -- except, of course, right before Halloween. There are spooky ghost tales and haunts all over the city. Find out some of the scariest lore, culled from our friends on Facebook and Twitter.


Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Sophia Thompson, and a number of others, chimed in on Facebook, tipping us off to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. This landmark hotel is notable for its architectural beauty, including copper roofing and gargoyle statues. It's also really haunted. Its elevator is said to make unscheduled stops on floor 14, and when the doors open, a lady dressed in red floats down the hallway, apparently to a ledge no one can see.

Blood Alley and Gastown

Via Facebook, Mel Elle points out Blood Alley, a gritty Gastown throughway that is now home to posh eateries such as Salt Tasting Room. According to local legend, the side street is named for the buckets of blood spilled on these cobblestones by the numerous butchers who ran businesses here around the turn into the 20th century, when payday muggings, murders and robberies were allegedly commonplace. These have left a horror-filled psychic energy throughout the alley, according to some. Gastown, in fact, is filled with ghost stories about Water Street, the building that now houses the Old Spaghetti Factory and more.

Waterfront Station

Maryinvancity used Twitter to direct us to a few haunts, including the Waterfront Station, which she calls "the most haunted building" in the downtown area. Security guards have reported numerous ghost sightings, including of an old lady reaching out for help and a young women in 1920s garb dancing in the corridors.

Burnaby Art Gallery

Maryinvancity also mentions The Burnaby Art Gallery's sordid history, dating back to the early 1900s. Since the house was donated in 1967, there have been sightings of a woman in a white gown strolling the hallways and walking through walls, and of a man wearing old-fashioned clothing standing at the top of the main staircase. The ghosts are believed to be Henry and Grace Ceperley, the original owners, who disputed how the house should be sold. She wanted to donate it to the city; he sold it for profit. The home eventually wound up in the hands of criminal William Franklin Wolsey, who started a cult on the property and was accused of many horrific crimes. Gallery employees say they hear children crying and see ghostly faces on the vacant third floor, and have witnessed pictures moving off walls.



Many others used Facebook and Twitter to point out their old homes and offices, and one simply wanted to know the truth: "R there seriously ghosts or r u all just hallucinating?" asked Adrian Wong, via Facebook.

We'll leave that question unanswered -- it's more fun that way.

Get in the Halloween Spirit:

Haunted Vancouver Trolley Tour (through Nov. 1): Hop on board an old-fashioned trolley for the Vancouver Trolley Company's narrated tour of Vancouver's scariest sites. Stops include the city's oldest cemetery and the morgue.

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