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For more than 10 years, Vancouver's slogan has paid homage to the wondrous mountains, lakes, oceans, islands and just general beauty that stretch in every direction from the city. "Spectacular by Nature" has been around long enough that, even here at Tourism Vancouver, there are plenty of interpretations of the phrase. But we wanted to know what "Spectacular by Nature" means to you, so we turned to Facebook. We asked fans of Vancouver for some fresh perspective on "Spectacular by Nature." Here are some of the best responses (feel free to add your own):

"Nature around the city makes the city worth visiting even more. Compared to other cities Vancouver smells like a forest!! That's what 'Spectacular by Nature' means ;-)" -- Jill De Pooter

"It's all encompassing! You can't go wrong with this phrase; it's the natural beauty that's surrounds and fills in our city. I crave the scenery!!!" -- Daniela Gismondi

"To me this phrase means: 'Vancouver is wonderful from the heart to the soul - friendly people and beautiful scenery!'" -- Teresa Henriques

"Vancouver just has something special and difficult to describe, it is a city of its own. Nothing like a coffee in English Bay, a walk though Coal Harbour, a dinner in Yaletown and a delicious fresh blueberry desert at Granville Island... xoxo Vancouver." -- Daniela Vecchione

"For all the rain, drizzle, grey skies and pretty miserable days you have to put up with, Vancouver is still the best place to be on a sunny day. And, everyone gets out there & appreciates it!" -- Keary Shandler

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