6 Confessions of a Canucks-oholic


As evidenced by the steady stream of thought- and comment-provoking posts on the Canucks Hockey Blog, which he started in 2005, J.J. Guerrero is a man obsessed. With the awesomeness of the Canucks always at the forefront of his mind, he confessed to us the addiction-forming factors that keep him glued to the hockey action year-round.

03_GM-Place1. I never miss a Canucks game.

When my wife and I plan our social outings, we look at the Canucks schedule first. Case in point: The last time we went on vacation, we checked with the resort to see if they had satellite or, failing that, if there were good sports bars in the area that would carry the game.

Fortunately, in Vancouver, it’s impossible to miss a Canucks game. All games are on TV and most of them are on CBC, City TV and basic cable (TSN and Sportsnet); the rest are available on pay-per-view.

04_RobertoLuongo2. I don’t boo, I Looooou.

The chant you hear from Canucks fans after team captain and star goaltender, Roberto Luongo, makes a save isn’t a boo; it’s “Looooou.” Like a standing ovation or a pat on the back, “Looooou”-ing is the Canucks fans’ way of showing appreciation for what was most certainly an acrobatic save. And if you listen hard, you might also hear broadcaster Jim Hughson exclaim, “Great save, Luongo!”

09_Playoffs3. I wave my white towel during the playoffs.

But then again, which Canucks fan doesn’t? Coach Roger Nielson started a great tradition in 1982 when he placed a white towel on a hockey stick and then waved it in mock surrender, indicating his frustration with the officials. Since then, Canucks fans wave their white towels during the playoffs, not in surrender, but to rally the team through their biggest and toughest games.

06_InsideGMPlace4. I live and breathe the Canucks.

During hockey season, very few other things take priority over obsessing about the Canucks. On the Sky Train ride to work, I replay Luongo’s save and Burrows’ breakaway with fellow Canucks fans from Surrey. At work, I rehash the previous night’s game with the boys by the water cooler. I listen all day to TEAM 1040, the local sports radio station that airs nonstop Canucks coverage. And the next day, I do it all over again.

07_TwitterCanucks5. The Internet enables my Canucks addiction.

I post my opinions about the team on Canucks Hockey Blog and Twitter about them pretty much continuously. And there are plenty of other good sites that like to talk Canucks hockey: the Vancouver Canucks official website, the Crazy Canucks Podcast, Canucks Corner, Nucks Misconduct and Canucks Army.

We’re not always right and we don’t always agree, but we love the interaction and conversation we generate within the Canucks community.

08_CheersCanucks6. Hockey is only one part of the addiction.

Food and drink are another. Rogers Arena doesn’t just offer your standard fare of hot dogs and popcorn. They serve Japanese food (teriyakis and sushi rolls) and Mexican food (tacos, burritos and quesadillas) along the concourse, have a pub overlooking the ice and feature two exclusive restaurants serving items such as prime rib, prawns and pasta.

There are also plenty of places nearby to grab a pre-game drink or bite, including The Kingston Taphouse & Grille on Richards St., which boasts killer appetizers and hosts the TEAM 1040 pregame shows on occasion.

It’s all part of the experience that keeps me perpetually looking forward to the next Canucks game.

By J.J. Guerrero,

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