8 Vancouver Spa Treatments to Make you Melt


Spa time isn’t just about treating yourself, it’s about loving yourself, and these eight Vancouver spa treatments are perfect ways to do it. Some may seem exotic, but when relaxation is your destination, we don’t have any problem turning to extreme measures. Infrared saunas? Thermal baths? We say bring it on. Check out these extraordinary spa treatments, guaranteed to help you relax.

01_absolutespa_vancouverFour Hands are Better than Two

Those who opt for the Four Handed Heaven treatment with Absolute Spa Group have the right idea. In this treatment, two massage therapists work simultaneously to double your relaxation levels. With 45 awards for spa excellence, Absolute Spa Group represents a number of spa services at Vancouver's premier hotels, including Century Plaza the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.


It's all about the combo treatment at Footopia Reflexology. A 60-minute foot reflexology treatment and a 45-minute deep-tissue massage (plus a natural herb foot bath) ought to loosen you up. How does it work? Therapists use this Chinese practice to open channels of energy triggered by pressure points on your foot.

03_hammam_zongo69Attain Peace by Way of the Middle East

This ancient spa tradition of the Middle East comes to Vancouver via Miraj Hammam. It's not so much a spa as it is an experience: cleanse your body in a hammam made of Jerusalem gold marble, then lie down for exfoliation with authentic black Moroccan soap. Afterwards, you can opt for a full-body massage and facial.

04_spascandinavewhislerEast vs. West

We don't know which is better at Scandinave Spa Whistler, the outdoor Nordic thermal baths or the Thai yoga massage. Scandinave is set on three acres of "living" roofs and features waterfalls, solariums, hammocks and an outdoor fireplace. But Thai Yoga massage is an ancient practice that balances the entire being. Our choice: both. Scandinave Spa has a Whistler location as well.

05_spautopiaA Cure for Insomnia

You know a treatment works when you find yourself suddenly dreaming (or snoring), which is exactly the point of Spa Utopia's signature Drift to Sleep treatment. Starting off with a custom hydrotherapy bath, the treatment then transitions into 75 minutes of Swedish massage with special oil blends, fragrances and a face and scalp massage. Of course, Spa Utopia is dream-like in its own right, featuring an ancient Roman theme complete with towering pillars and gentle waterfalls.

06_sprucebodylabGo Infrared

Sometimes, the regular stuff just doesn't cut it. In the case of Spruce Body Lab in Yaletown, traditional saunas are a thing of the past. Their infrared sauna, designed with walnut and cedar, features infrared rays to warm the body in order to increase the circulation of blood to the tissues. Ahh, we breathe easier just thinking about it.

07_VidaSpaGet Spiritualized

Vida Spa aims to balance body, mind and spirit, which is why the Ayurvedic Journey treatment is so popular. After all, if you're going to step onto the path of relaxation, you might as well go all the way. Take the journey: 60 minutes of foot and hand massages, 120 minutes of steam room detox, 30 minutes of warm oil treatments and a "doshic lunch" catered to your specific physical and spiritual make-up.

08_skoahspaWelcome to Mancouver

It's a misconception that spas are just for women, and we couldn't pass up the chance to feature skoah's "man-cial" treatment. It includes a deep cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a neck and beard treatment by skilled therapists. In addition, a foot cleanse and detox remove the gunk from any athletic endeavours you've been taking on, leaving you spick-and-span.

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