10 Amazing Places in Vancouver

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We turned to our Facebook and Flickr friends to assemble some of Vancouver's most amazing places, from bright, blooming gardens to mossy old-growth forests. See the breathtaking views and hidden spots they love most.

Sunset Beach

Photo by Flickr/SadJr (Sadi Junior)

This city has its fair share of spectacular waterfront areas, and Sunset Beach is one of them. Located along the southern edge of the trendy West End neighbourhood, this scenic beach is best enjoyed at sunset, when you can watch the sky change colours behind the famous inukshuk statue.

Indian Arm

Photo by Flickr/Comrogues

Indian Arm is a breathtaking glacial fjord adjacent to Vancouver, making it a popular destination for kayak excursions and sightseeing cruises. Here, you'll find rugged wilderness, deep blue waters and plenty of marine and mountain wildlife.

Van Duesen Garden

Photo by Flickr/wlcutler (Wendy Cutler)

Despite its close proximity to downtown Vancouver, VanDusen Botanical Garden feels like it's a world away. This 55-acre botanical haven touts tree-lined paths, colourful flower gardens, peaceful lakes, mossy woodlands and an array of birdlife.  Spring is an ideal time for viewing pink flurries of blooming cherry trees, while autumn welcomes vibrant orange and red foliage.

Capilano Suspension Bridge night

Photo: Capilano Susupension Bridge Park

Explore the lush Pacific Northwest rainforest from the unparalleled vantage point of Capilano Suspension Bridge, a 450-foot bridge that stretches over the Capilano River and through emerald green treetops. Afterward, venture through the rest of the 27-acre park, which touts colourful totem poles, a cantilevered walkway above Capilano Canyon and other forest adventures.

Celebration of Light

Photo by Facebook/Kevin Eng

Every summer, the Vancouver sky is transformed into a kaleidoscope of colour as thousands of fireworks explode over English Bay during the three-night festival, Celebration of Light. Bring a picnic and a blanket, and head to the beaches early to secure your prime viewing spot.

Grouse Mountain dusk

Photo by Flickr/Jennifer C.

Grouse Mountain is located just half an hour from Vancouver, and its abundant recreational offerings include everything from ziplining and mountain biking to ice skating and snowboarding. Hike up the challenging 2.9-kilometre Grouse Grind trail, or try its winter counterpart: the 5.1-kilometre Snowshoe Grind, shown above.

Lighthouse Park

Photo by Facebook/Dave Brookfield

With its variety of hiking trails and beautiful views of old-growth forests, Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Trek along mountainous pathways to see the historic Atkinson Lighthouse, which was originally built in 1874 and later replaced in 1912.


Photo by Facebook/Vocal Vancouver

Find some peace and quiet at the University of British Columbia's Nitobe Memorial Garden, a traditional Japanese garden with symbolic elements and an authentic teahouse. The garden was named after Inazo Nitobe, a celebrated agriculturist, scholar and educator.

Patio Dining

Photo by Facebook/Patrick Malone

When it comes to dining with a view, Vancouver has a number of restaurants that fit the bill. This coveted patio table can be found at Fraîche Restaurant, an upscale eatery that serves up European-inspired dishes made with West Coast ingredients.

Siwash Rock

Photo by Flickr/Harvey McCool

Vancouver's Stanley Park touts a number of notable landmarks, and not all of them are manmade. Walk along the Stanley Park Seawall to see Siwash Rock, a naturally occurring rock outcropping that comes with its own Squamish legend.


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