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Stereotype might have it that guys are content just sitting on the couch watching TV for vacation, but with all the possibilities Vancouver has to offer, the perfect trip with the guys is easy to come by. The scenarios could vary. One of your buddies might be getting over a tough breakup. Your crew might have hit the midlife wall all at the same time. Whatever it is, the remedy is Vancouver. The goal: to get away, live life to the fullest and hang with the guys doing what guys do. These five ideas are tickets into Mancouver, where the beers flow aplenty and life is like ESPN. Want to share what you do with the guys? Drop us a line in the comments below.

  • Year Round Golfing, Vancouver BC

    Snowboard, Golf and Fish All in the Same Day

    We came, we saw and we conquered. It’s the ultimate Vancouver trifecta, and you and your buddies have to attempt it. If you do, it’s a surefire way to have another story that starts, “Remember that time….” First stop: a round of golf at Vancouver’s public courses. McCleery Golf Course and Fraserview Golf Course are both reasonable distances from Vancouver, and you won’t regret it once you see the views. Second stop: fishing. We’re not just talking throwing a line in the water and taking a nap. We’re talking charter boats heading out into the wild seas to catch massive salmon and killer views with charter companies such as Bites-On Salmon Charters or M & M Charters. Third stop: Grouse Mountain’s 26 runs, which feature double blacks, such as Purgatory, perfect for a game of “race you to the bottom.” Getting dark? No worries. Night skiing goes until 10pm, and it’s an awesome opportunity to see glittering Vancouver at night.
  • Vancouver Canucks Hockey, Vancouver BC

    Catch a Canucks Game

    The roar of the crowd, slapsticking and checking -- they’re like music to the ears for a group of guys looking for their hockey fix. This classic Vancouver pastime is a great way to catch up and have an all-around good time. Games take place at Rogers Arena, right in the heart of downtown, and the excitement at every game is tangible. So ditch the remote, order tickets and be right up by the ice with a few of your greatest friends.
  • Izakaya-style Dining, Vancouver BC

    Izakaya Crawl

    Yes, Vancouver’s got its fair share of traditional bars to throw back a beer or two, but in this city, you need to branch out and experience izakayas, Japanese pubs that serve up some of the best fare in town. Think marinated mackerel, seared right at your table, or beef yakiniku, garlic and salt-seasoned seared beef. Wash it down with authentic Japanese beer, plus a lively environment, and you have yourself an official guys’ night out. The prime spots are right on Robson.
  • Spa Treatments, Vancouver BC

    Visit a Spa

    This is where the men are separated from the boys. Spa time isn’t just for the ladies, it’s about looking good. Absolute Spa, located at the renowned Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, is dubbed “the first spa for men” because it offers man-specific treatments. Best bets: the Gentleman’s Facial and the Professional Sports Foot Care. Don’t think of it as primping; it’s all about bringing your A-game to Vancouver. Besides, there’s one more story in the basket, especially when one of your buddies decides to get his chest waxed.
  • Yaletown Nightlife, Vancouver BC

    Yaletown Nightlife

    Yaletown used to be a warehouse district, and now it’s one of Vancouver’s hippest neighbourhoods. The nightlife scene is unparelled, so no matter what you’re looking for, you and the guys will have a good time. Guys’ night out suggestions include Guitar Hero battles at Yaletown Brewing Co., one of the neighbourhood’s popular mainstays, or Opus Hotel bar, the best place to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood celebrities that come to shoot films here in Vancouver (think Reese Witherspoon and Megan Fox). So don your best and head out because the night is still young.


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