Vancouver Souvenirs

vancouver souvenirs

Unique and Full-Flavoured Buys

Familiar tastes are known to trigger vivid memories of Vancouver. And what better way to bring back memories of the fun you had during a trip than with delicious, edible Vancouver souvenirs? Savor the flavor of the city (and share a taste with friends and family) with these unique local and regional specialties.

  • Microbrew Beer, Vancouver BC

    Vancouver Microbrews

    British Columbia is home to dozens of microbreweries that pride themselves on producing small batches, often using natural processes and ingredients, to create distinctly flavoured, fresh brews.

    Why it's a great Vancouver souvenir: You won't find these distinct flavors (maple cream ale, anyone?) or the original artwork featured on labels and bottle caps anywhere else. Look for bottled brews from Granville Island Brewing Company, R&B, and Storm Brewing Ltd.

  • Smoked Salmon, Vancouver BC

    Vancouver Smoked Salmon

    The Vancouver area's salmon-rich waterways and First Nations traditions make smoked salmon a favourite food product to take home.

    Why it's a great Vancouver souvenir: Seasoned with natural salt and brown sugar, smoked over wood chips and vacuum sealed, making it easy to transport. Try Salmon Village in downtown Vancouver for a great selection.

  • Maple Products, Vancouver BC

    Vancouver Maple Products

    Canada's maple products are favoured the world over, and Vancouver is well stocked with an astonishing assortment of premium maple items.

    Why it's a great Vancouver souvenir: You can choose from maple candies, syrups, jams, fudge, chocolate, toffee, soaps, vinegar, mustard and teas, so there's literally something for everyone. Indulge at the Canadian Maple Delights Gourmet Bistro & Shoppe in Gastown, which serves maple-sweetened gelatos and pastries, along with a selection of gift items to take home.

  • B.C. Wines, Vancouver BC

    B.C. Wines

    A growing number of award-winning wines are produced on nearby Vancouver Island and in the Fraser and Okanagan valleys. Trademark varietals include crisp white wines, merlot, pinot noir and dessert wines, including ice wine, which is made from grapes that are picked and crushed while frozen.

    Why it's a great Vancouver souvenir: Lovely bottles and unique blends will be a sip-worthy reminder of wine-and-dine experiences in Vancouver or day trips to B.C.'s wineries - which often sell exclusive vintages you often can't get anywhere else. Visit for information on wineries open for touring, or simply stop in at a local liquor store.

  • Aritisan Chocolates, Vancouver BC

    Vancouver Artisan Chocolates

    In recent years, boutique chocolatiers have sprung up all over the city. In true Vancouver fashion, these chocolate artists have combined European techniques with local ingredients to create a fusion of original, melt-in-your-mouth flavors.

    Why it's a great Vancouver souvenir: Easily transportable boxes full of truffles, bon bons or chocolate-covered caramels are a hit with, well, just about anyone - especially if they contain ingredients such as locally grown berries or nuts and are wrapped in packaging with local flair. Try Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates, Chocolate Arts, Charlie's Chocolate Factory or Daniel Le Chocolat Belge

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