Windsurfing & Kiteboarding in Vancouver

Windsurfing in Vancouver 

Would you like to learn how to windsurf? Try English Bay or Jericho beaches where beginners can rent windsurfers and take lessons. For those who want the challenge of high-wind sailing, Squamish offers some of Canada's best windsurfing conditions. In the summer months, strong thermal winds blow down the valley and create ideal windsurfing and kite boarding conditions. The Squamish Windsurfing Society manages the launch site and charges a daily user's fee. For information call 604.926.9463.

For more advanced windsurfers and kiteboarders, Acadia Beach and the westernmost shores of Spanish Banks are popular with on days with strong Northwest winds. On the windiest days the wind can stir up the seas with wave heights reaching over 2 meters. During the busy summer months (June, July, August) Kiteboarding is not allowed on Vancouver Beaches, but there is typically very little wind in the area during these months anyways.

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