Fishing Hot Spots of BC


Many consider British Columbia to be the best salmon-fishing region in the world. It's also pretty darn good for sockeye, steelhead, trout and halibut fishing. There are world-class deep-sea options as well as pristine river fishing spots that make nature-lovers gush. Canada's westernmost province is, simply, one of the best places for angling period.

From Vancouver

While many of the great fishing adventures are scattered throughout British Columbia, there are plenty of options that leave from Vancouver. Outfits such as Bites-On Salmon Charters leave right from the city and can take guests out on the water for a half- or full-day adventure for king salmon (and all the other salmon, too).

Locals love to fish the hatchery just below the dam on Capilano River, which is about a 30-minute drive from downtown. In West Vancouver, the piers -- especially Ambleside and Dundaraver piers - that jut out into the Burrard Inlet can be ripe for plucking off fish. Of course, it's always a good bet to stop into any Vancouver fishing shop for more secrets and updates on what spots are hot on any specific day.

Fraser River

Just 50 miles east of Vancouver lie the fertile salmon, trout, sturgeon and steelhead grounds of the Fraser River. This is a fly-fishing paradise, although those who love other types of fishing will still enjoy the gorgeous river and mountainous settings. Fish for the day, camp out or make the adventure an all-inclusive vacation at the The Fraser River Fishing Lodge or the Pitt River Lodge.

Campbell River

If a place known as the "salmon capital of the world" sounds appealing, then the fishing hamlet of Campbell River is a pretty great place to start an adventure. The town is a three-hour or so drive north of Victoria, but well worth the effort for a true fishing lover. There are calm pools, flush with salmon, and the fast-flowing Seymour Narrows with water gushing at 24 kilometers an hour. All types of salmon run through this area in the summer.

Queen Charlotte Islands

Arranging floatplane transportation is the first order of business when it comes to getting to this remote section of British Columbia -- there are no roads from Vancouver to these islands. Another option is choosing a resort that will fly you in. These luxurious accommodations often offer transportation, not to mention plenty of ways to relax in this angler's paradise. Langara Island, just south of the southern border of Alaska, is a particularly prime place for salmon migrating toward streams. This includes millions of Fraser River sockeye. Other common fish include halibut, red snapper and rockfish.


Victoria is more than a quaint British colonial city on Vancouver Island. It offers incredible winter fishing for Chinook just a few minutes from town. Popular spots include the Victoria waterfront, and Becher and Pedder bays, both of which are just minutes from downtown. In the summer, the tides bring in large halibut, sockeye and more in various spots around the island. Steelhead, rainbow and cutthroat trout, salmon and shellfish -- such as crabs, prawns and clams -- are common in these waters.

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