5 Fall Flavours

fall flavours

There are certain hallmarks of fall that are undeniable: brilliantly coloured foliage, crisp weather, and — the best part — seasonal flavors. As the seasons begin to change, Vancouver shifts from the vibrant flavors of summer to deeper, earthier tastes of fall. Experience the best fall has to offer, whether you’re sampling freshly pressed apple cider at a farmers’ market or ordering a gourmet dish made with flavorful wild mushrooms.

Freshly Pressed Apple Cider

Few flavors capture the essence of autumn like freshly pressed apple cider. Its tartness recalls sun-drenched days of summer, while its heaviness and warm spices hint to the upcoming chill of winter. Head to one of Vancouver’s many farmers’ markets, where you can sip on apple cider while shopping for other seasonal items like handmade jams and jellies, carving pumpkins and earthy root vegetables.

Hand-Picked Wild Mushrooms

Who would have thought fungi would make such an impression on a culinary hotbed like Vancouver? Despite its humble origins, these forest vegetables sprout up on special tasting menus all over the city during the damp days of autumn. You can even attend a Salmon and Mushroom Festival to learn about mushroom identification and the various flavor profiles of these unique edibles.

Richly Flavored Pumpkin Ale

No one can accuse Vancouver of having a shortage of great local beer, and with the abundance of craft breweries, it only makes sense that creative brewmasters would make the most of seasonal flavors. Get a taste of fall with Pumpkin Ale from Granville Island Brewing. This limited edition brew boasts flavors of roasted pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves, and it just so happens to pair perfectly with winter vegetables and seasonal dishes.

Ice-Cold Pacific Oysters

Vancouver has unbelievably fresh seafood year-round, but during the fall and winter, BC oysters are especially plump and delicious. Celebrate these succulent bivalves at the annual Clayoquot Oyster Festival, where shellfish lovers can tip back freshly shucked oysters at seminars, special tasting events, oyster farm tours and more. If you can’t make it to the event, just find a nearby seafood restaurant in Vancouver for a fresh plate of ice-cold shellfish.

British Columbia Wine

With so many fall feasts and flavorful dishes of the season, a great wine pairing is in order. Fortunately, British Columbia is known for its amazing wine country — Okanagan Valley in particular. Choose a food-friendly wine like a Bordeaux-style blend, or sample a variety of vintages at a food-and-wine festival. At Chef Meets Grape, more than 75 BC wineries will introduce their fall releases, which will be paired with inspired dishes by local chefs. The Fall Okanagan Valley Wine Festival also gives oenophiles a chance to wet their palates with a series of tasting events, seminars and demonstrations.

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