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The instant and unsolicited efforts of so many Vancouverites to restore their city after it was blindsided by last week’s uncharacteristic melee has prompted an overwhelming response on social media.

Across the country, those with a personal Vancouver story have united online to remind the world of why Vancouver is not only ranked one of the globe’s best cities to live in, but also what makes it such an inspiring, welcoming place to visit.

Since its launch on June 17th, more than 14,000 visits have been made to, a sophisticated online platform that aggregates authentic, unscreened comments, photos and video content from the far reaches of the internet.

Olga Ilich, co-chair of the Mayor's Initiative on the Vancouver Brand cited the huge response to the program, saying, " has captured the true spirit of our city. Residents have engaged the world with personal and authentic stories that express their love of Vancouver. The community has collectively moved forward in a creative and positive way."

The site harnesses the passionate sentiments of thousands of Vancouver advocates both from within the city and beyond. The user-generated content that underpins the platform has already prompted more than 20,000 page views and 2,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook in the mere 6 days of the site’s existence.

Developed by creative agency DDB Canada, in partnership with Tourism Vancouver, the online platform scours the web for compelling content from diverse sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.

“It is clear that the invitation to share and discuss everything there is to love about Vancouver has really hit a nerve”, said Tourism Vancouver’s president & CEO Rick Antonson. “It is heartening for us to see such an outpouring not only from the city’s own citizens, but also from people across the globe who have been touched by a personal Vancouver experience at some point in their lives.”

The website makes use of the latest digital technology to pull content into one space that would ordinarily require days of surfing to unearth. permits even novice users to access the diverse content generated by those who have been moved by Vancouver on a single, intuitive platform.

Since the website has gone live, many local businesses and media outlets have volunteered their services to generate awareness about the new platform and encourage widespread participation.  Project partners The Vancouver Sun and The Province have generously contributed significant ad space to promote the site with a view to helping Vancouver with its image.