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At Tourism Vancouver, we never take the beauty of our backyard for granted. We’re committed to advancing Vancouver as a world-leading sustainable travel destination and fulfilling Vancouver’s “Spectacular, by Nature” promise for generations to come..

To help Vancouver reach its goal of becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020, we've implemented small-but-significant changes to the way we conduct our daily business.

Here are some examples:

  • Strive for zero waste with a committed approach to waste diversion and minimization
  • Go Green commuting subsidy for employees, supporting sustainable transportation choices
  • Teleworking and video conferencing when possible
  • Use double-sided printing whenever possible, halving our printing volume

But every year we're taking bigger strides down the path of sustainability

Our most recent initiatives include:



BC Hydro PowerSmart


BC Hydro Partnership

Since 2008, Tourism Vancouver has partnered with BC Hydro to promote energy efficiency and energy conservation within Vancouver’s tourism industry. The goal of this partnership is to reduce consumption and advance Vancouver as the leading sustainable tourism destination.

Recently, Tourism Vancouver’s appointment of a tourism energy specialist is believed to be a worldwide first among destination marketing organizations. The role was made possible through sponsorship from BC Hydro with the mandate to guide member hotels, restaurants and attractions in energy efficiency and conservation initiatives.

The new tourism energy specialist role will enable Tourism Vancouver to more actively support the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan and goal to be the world’s “greenest” city by 2020. The services of the tourism energy specialist will build on the BC Hydro partnership and further assist Tourism Vancouver’s 1,000-plus member businesses to manage their energy and realize financial savings.

Together, BC Hydro and Tourism Vancouver have also compiled a Conservation Library as a go-to resource for our members. It's full of energy-saving tips, information, and programs to help improve the bottom line of their businesses and reduce environmental impacts.





Vancouver's Tourism Master Plan identifies the environment as one of area for our industry to aid in positioning Vancouver as premier travel destination. Further, the findings of the Tourism Master Plan also include encouraging tourism stakeholders to embrace sustainability for their operations as a method of improving the overall experience of those visiting Vancouver.

The new SUSTAIN initiative is the first step designed to meet an emerging need among Tourism Vancouver members as they seek to access resources to support them as they take action on greening their operations. We have identified sustainable procurement as an area of influence where Tourism Vancouver can contribute.

SUSTAIN is the first step towards providing a network of suppliers that are committed to meeting an established set of best practices and are leaders in their respective fields for environmental and sustainable service. We accept membership enquiries from select suppliers that demonstrate a commitment to supporting our members as they seek to do their part to advance Vancouver as a world-leading sustainable travel destination.



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Metropolitan Fine Printers Partnership - Green printing

When we have to print brochures and marketing materials, we favour Metropolitan Fine Printers, one of North America's most environmentally conscious printing companies. Metropolitan is one of the first commercial printers in Western Canada to obtain Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified supplier designation, use ultraviolet inks and coatings that release zero volatile organic compounds and they are now a 100% Carbon Free Plant.




2012 BC Hydro Power Smart Excellence Awards

This fall, BC Hydro will host the 2012 Power Smart Excellence Awards, recognizing the many finalists and winners who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to improving energy efficiency, promoting and implementing conservation programs and pursuing innovative energy management solutions.

Tourism Vancouver has been named a finalist for the Conservation Partner award, which recognizes community organizations and industry associations that have partnered with BC Hydro to promote energy conservation in communities across British Columbia and have been instrumental in taking the Power Smart message to new heights.

Being recognized as a Power Smart Excellence Award finalist is quite an accomplishment, as each organization or individual has shown real innovation and industry leadership in energy management, pursuing greater energy efficiency or taking conservation action.

The 2012 Power Smart Excellence Awards take place on October 18, 2012 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. For more information and to read about this year’s award categories and finalists, visit




Tourism Ambassadors for Conservation program

When it comes to energy consumption, less is more.

Tourism Vancouver and BC Hydro want to lower what is acceptable energy consumption within the tourism industry. Our aim is for energy conservation to become the "new normal" across the industry. We are challenging our members to look at other sustainability initiatives, including becoming carbon neutral, identifying new waste management practices and educating staff and the public on the awareness of all environmental issues.

How will we do it? Peer pressure!

We've invited recognized leaders in the hospitality business to take a conservation pledge. Once they're on board, we'll chronicle their efforts to "power down" and conserve energy.

Everyone needs role models. By sharing their experiences, our new Tourism Ambassadors will set an example for their industry peers and model conservation as a way of life.




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