Tourism Vancouver is committed to developing mutually beneficial partnerships, sponsorships and related programs that support our strategic priorities of meetings and events, leisure travel, visitor services, member services and community promotions. We offer a Signature Partners program which is a multi-year strategic marketing alliance that brings sponsors and Tourism Vancouver together to leverage marketing budgets, augment marketing reach, generate demand for products and services and build business. We also work with sponsors for specific promotions and programs depending on your needs and the fit.

We firmly believe that sponsorship is not about placing logos or the number of impressions generated. Sponsorship is about forging strategic alliances that support brand values, create incremental value for customers, and extend reach into targeted and new markets. It's about working with partners like Tourism Vancouver who get it. Who ask you questions about what you need to achieve. More importantly, how we can help you do that.

At Tourism Vancouver, that's our sponsorship philosophy. If we're not creating value, we don't work together. We're that focused.

Tourism Vancouver Signature Partners 

We are pleased to recognise our signature partners, marketing partners and community partners including:

Current Sponsorship Opportunities 

Dine Out Vancouver™
Dine Out Vancouver is Canada’s largest dining promotion and is a city-wide celebration of food and drink. Tens of thousands of local and visiting food lovers enjoy delicious meals, wine, beer and cocktails during the annual event at over 210 participating restaurants. A growing number of guests also participate in a variety of culinary themed events, tours and classes. Opportunities are available for funding, supporting and media sponsorships.

Tickets Tonight
Tickets Tonight was launched in June, 2002 to support Vancouver's arts and cultural community with the goal of making diverse entertainment product readily accessible to residents and visitors. Tickets Tonight is Vancouver's exclusive same-day half-price ticket outlet. Uniquely, it also offers regular advance tickets and is a full Ticketmaster outlet. It is truly 'the complete source to entertainment in Vancouver', offering access to performing arts, music, theatre, sports, festivals and events.

Give us a call. We'd love to learn more about your business and tailor a sponsorship to meet your goals and objectives.

Suzanne Raikes, Manager, Member and Sponsor Relations
Tel: 604.631.2898

Charity Policy

bchf-logoWhile Tourism Vancouver recognizes the inherent value of all charities, we are unable to sponsor, endorse or otherwise support the vast majority of requests that come through. We have therefore implemented a new Charity Policy, which provides a framework to evaluate requests to support a given charitable organization and/or endeavour. In accordance with our brand promise, Tourism Vancouver's support of charitable endeavours will focus on organisations and activities that support the growth and vitality of the region's tourism industry, and which help to create a more vibrant and diverse community for those who live and visit here.

In light of this policy, we are proud to have the BC Hospitality Foundation as Tourism Vancouver's Official Charitable Partner. The BCHF offers financial support to individuals within the hospitality community who are coping with financial crises arising from health or medical conditions. We will support the Foundation's efforts by providing access to our existing marketing channels and working together to find new and innovative ways to enhance the profile of their organization.

For more information, contact Suzanne Raikes, manager of Member & Sponsor Relations: sraikes@tourismvancouver.com




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