Our Culture

Our culture fosters an environment that creates a positive and fulfilling employee experience.

We achieve our goals by involving, motivating, and continually developing each and every employee. We believe in open, honest communication in teamwork, co-operation, the willingness to improve, and trust and respect for each individual. We encourage creativity, innovation, the taking of risks and individual responsibility.

Our Compensation

Our Compensation & Benefits are an important part of our relationship with each employee. We work hard at ensuring that our employment package provides much more than a competitive salary and benefits that exceed employment standards and we are proud of our whole compensation and benefits program. We truly recognize that in order to be effective in the work place, we need to be living as balanced a life as possible. As such, we have incorporated a number of "benefits" which assist in this regard and which make Tourism Vancouver stand out in the industry.

Compensation Rewards

  • Team Incentive Plan
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan
  • Group Insurance Plan
  • "Go Green" Commuting Subsidy
  • Employee Referral Program


Training and Development

We have a well-developed and comprehensive business plan with aggressive targets. In order to meet the organization's desired outcomes, we believe it's essential to have a people strategy that helps support a strong and vibrant employee group. Each employee has access to training and professional development support to ensure we our developing our people, as individuals and in groups to achieve our strategic objectives.



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