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Our Vision
Tourism Vancouver's vision is to be the global leader in destination sales, marketing and visitor experiences.

Our Mission
Tourism Vancouver's focus is on building exceptional customer relationships. Our primary customers are meeting planners, travel influencers, travel media and independent tourists. Our efforts generate demand for the destination, thereby creating value for members and stakeholders. Innovation, partnership, research and accountability guide our approach.

We utilize person-to-person and technology-based sales, marketing and visitor servicing activities to achieve results. Through positive positioning of both the organization and the destination, our leadership benefits the society, culture, environment and economy of Greater Vancouver.

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Our Leadership
Tourism Vancouver is a business association representing approximately 1,000 members in tourism and related industries/activities. Our purpose is to effectively market Metro Vancouver as a destination for leisure, meeting and event travelers. Our goals are to attract visitors to the region, encourage them to stay longer and ensure they return. This is done through the coordinated group action of members and staff working together.

Tourism Vancouver's team includes 60 full-time, approximately 20 part-time, seasonal and contract positions and 200+ volunteers, working under the following program areas.

Visitor Services & Sales

  • Visitor Services & Sales
  • Tickets Tonight
  • Cultural Tourism


Marketing Communications & Member Services

  • Travel & Trade Media Relations
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Marketing Services
  • Membership Services


Meetings & Conventions

  • Market Development - Meeting & Convention Sales
  • Convention Services
  • Be a Host


Leisure Travel & Digital Marketing

  • Leisure Travel Trade Sales
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Research


Corporate Services

  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources


Board of Directors
In order to accurately reflect the activities of our members, Tourism Vancouver is led by our Board of Directors. Based on the mandate of the Board of Directors, the Bureau develops the strategies and plans to implement initiatives and achieve the desired results and targets. Strong leadership and guidance is provided by our 15 member Board of Directors, who represent each aspect of Greater Vancouver's tourism industry. These board members contribute their extensive knowledge and experience to our organization.


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